Schizophrenic woman's unreal complaint against her husband

My mother suffers from schizophrenia. And being delusional - a symptom of this mental disease, she believes my father has multiple affairs, spending all the money on bad woman and blames him everyday of the same. My father tolerates this torture quietly almost many a time, knowing well about her incurable disease. But rarely, he can't tolerate the false claims so well and accidentally raises his hand on my mother. Today, this was the case. Now, my mother is going to lodge an F.I.R. against him under Domestic Violence, taking into account all her delusions. After that, she's going to raise claim on my father's wealth, saying he deprives her of food and other commodities (another delusion) and take my custody (I'm only 16 yet) into her hands. But I know, she can't raise me up alone. Although she manages to do her household chores well, she cannot handle finances and other jobs, due to her delusional fit. I want to ask, will my mother's complaint be considered and will she be given my custody, if her illness is revealed? P.S. : My mother has been suffering from schizophrenia for 7 years. She refused medication after the 1st year, for she believed them to be poison after sometime. My father cannot force her into it, because that would require her to be hospitalised, depriving me of her care at home. Also, she's violent only occasionally, her illness is moderate.