Opinion Required

Dear Concern, I really appreciate and would like to thank in advance for your time & efforts for providing the required solution of our problem. We both are married couple, She has been married for 14 long years and I have been for last 04 years. It was an unwilling marriage of hers it was against her choice and had to take things accordingly as per her parent’s choice and I got married with my parent’s choice too. We met in a conference and really got connected and now want to be together but we have social restrictions as we both are married and getting a divorce from our spouses will be really hard. Her husband and my father in law has really good connections in the ministry and other govt. establishments and we don’t want to mess things up as we don’t want to be in any dirty fighting as they will possibly do everything to stop us to be together. We were trying our best to settle in abroad as we are trying to find an alternate option. Do you think eloping to abroad can bring any solution to our problems, as we do have good finances in our hands. Kindly advise.