Employer not returning my original certificates?

I was employed for transdyne, a medical transcription company as a proof reader, for which i signed a contract for 3 years and they held my original certificates. The job required me to listen to audio files dictated by doctors for more than 8 hours a day. After completing one year in the company, I developed ear infection in both my ears and eardrum rupture in right ear, and I left the job. Initially, I took leave for one month, but after that I left the job. I had recurrent infections in that 6 months. But after I became healthy also I have sharp shooting pain in my ears if someone sits beside me and talks for 10 minutes, which subsides after 1 or 2 hours. I went to the company and spoke to the hr after more than 3 years to return my certificates because still I have the problem, He asked me to pay Rs 60000 for that or else get audiometry report from government ENT hospital. I went to ENT hospital and they conducted the test and the result is mild hearing loss and should not hear loud or prolonged hearing. I took the report to the hr guy and after seeing the report he is saying that he needs to speak to management and that may take 10 days or more than that. When I requested him to close the matter as soon as possible, he is saying that it is only from one month you are coming here and you want me to return your certificates, by giving a sadistic smile. After seeing the report, he is asking me to pay Rs 40000 to return my certificates and that too will be decided by the management. I cannot go to them every time and they coming up with new excuses for not returning my certificates, it is like harassment. Please help me out in this matter, whether I can file a complaint against them in police station for mental harassment and the stress which is taking a toll on my health.