Friend Cheated and not returning back money.

Sir, I have given 20 Lakhs rupees to my childhood friend as a hand loan for his logistics business.These 20 lakhs I have taken from relatives on interest , gold loan from bank. I have sold all my family jewellery and taken bank loans to repay earlier loans i have taken on his behalf when I have given those 20 lakhs to him. These 20 Lakhs was given to him in cash and only some part of it was given thru cheques. He promised me that he will return this money with interest to me within sometime. However this month it will be four years that he has not paid that money. I dont have any written evidence to prove it. Even he shifted to other part of India which is also 2000 kms from where i currently stay. Whenever I call him he says that he has sufferd losses in business and he will not be able to pay however i have enquired from people who are still associated with him that he is doing fine in the business. I even somehow managed to visit his house on 3 diffrent occasssions to meet him and his family. We cried in front of them but still he says that he wont be able to pay me back due to losses in the business. He alerady has few cases runing on him for default in Bank Payments for Automobile Loans. He also know my financial situation when he has taken this hand loan from me but still he has cheated me. I request you to please help me get the justice. As I am badly debt ridden and have a big family to run. Please help me.