Chances of divorce

One of my close lady relative is married since 2007, had a baby in dec 2008. During this period both husband and wife were living with wife's parents ( better educational opportunity). Post the birth of the baby, both lived together in another town for a brief period (around an year). After 2010, they have been living separately, as during 2011 the husband was completing his education and was living in a hostel and afterwards he got posted in a place near his hometown. The wife does not wishes to live with her in-laws as she claims of dowry harassment (she is unable to handle household chores/work which is highly criticised by the mother-in-law), also it's far from her workplace and may not have good education opportunity for the kid. The husband is reluctant to move out of his parents house and wishes for wife to stay with him with the kid. The wife has stopped visiting her in-laws even on festivals and neither is the child in any contact with her father and his family. This has resulted in lot of bitterness in the relation. I'm not aware about the things from husband's side, but from wife's family there certainly is lack of communication and efforts in resolving the issue. I see it as a case of over protective parents ( wife's parents) opting for a convenient, but short term option! I want to understand, if the husband files for divorce, how will the entire situation be seen in court and most importantly the custody of the child.