Settlement deed

Hello,During 2012 my mother-in-law made a settlement deed for the property earned by his husband to his 3 children s ( 1 son & 2 daughters) and at the same time she has taken a single building approval for all the 3 shares. The settlement deed is made in 2 parts . 1. Front portion to son. ( separate). 2. Back side with a passage from front to his both daughters ( Undivided share). With the Assumption this is complete document all the 3 individuals constructed house last year. Son in front portion and both daughter ( Ground & first floor ) in UDS & also got EB connection. Now : When my wife ( one of the daughter ) went to Bank to mortgage the property for Education loan they said there is no substantial document it is mentioned that the building in Ground floor belongs to you .So they said you get a property tax paid on your name and prove it. Property tax department refused to give tax receipt on my name and they said it can be given one receipt for all 3 or 3 separate document on my mother-in- law name and then do the name or title transfer. Also they said it is a long process. Register office said you create a supplementary settlement deed with a mention that so and so building belongs to respective persons with rights and get register which will cost around 50,000 each. my Question: which is the best way to sort out this problem specially in UDS and show clearly ground floor building and first floor building ownership so that we can pay tax and produce document to get a loan, Please advise your option and also any draft is available pl share . Thanks in advance.