Service Bond

Dear Sir Recently I joined a company in Delhi as General Manager Marketing posted at Kolkata on 11/01/2016 , where I had to execute a service bond for 3 years - 5Lakhs and they deposit my original certificates. I was at Delhi for a brief period of 20 days and came back to Kolkata on 31st. I did not like the company atmosphere conducive to work as I have worked in good organisation all through my life. After reaching Kolkata I fell ill and Doctor was consulted who diagnosed Gall Bladder stone and initially tried to treat with medicines which I informed co. and asked for leave as I was not in a position to work . Later on Doctor advised for a surgery to remove Gall Bladder , I admitted on 10/03/2016 & was operated on 11/03/2016 and was discharged on 18th/3/2016. Since complications were associated , Doctor advised me to avoid travel and remain under restricted diet. I am at Kolkata for last three months. I got only Company was repeatedly asking me to come to Delhi before resumption of work which is not at all possible for me . I have sent them all medical papers which clearly state that I should avoid long distance travel and remain under restricted diet. Now I do not want to work with this company as they are not worth . How can I get rid with this company ? As if I resigned they may claim 5 lakhs ? Only I have got Rs. 1,30,000 /- as salary . Is there any way , I am undergoing tremendous stress and strain due to this and my health. A reply will surely benefit me. Regards Rajeev Kumar Singh