Mental harrasment by in laws

Hello Sir, I had been married since 15 years, having two kids (14 & 9 years). Actually my husband do not proper stand at the time of marriage but in front of us they pretend they are middle class family. I will adjust and start job after my marriage. My earning is too high from my husband. But that time was passes about all the hurdles. In between my husband works totally finish.. by grace of god all will be manage. But my in laws do not give any help (financilly) to us. But after that my husband is a mom's boy.. He totally stands with them even they are wrong. I left the job as my in laws are too much crazy about social life and outings.. so in pvt job no leave provide in such cases. Now the present situation is that ki they interfere between our personal life in last many years. Now they want we leave the home. and my husband agreed but i m not agreed as my daughter is now growing age (14) and our finance are not allowing us to seperate in a rented home (rent, school fees, tution fees and security of my kids).. what can I do..even my husband not talk with me as his mother washes his mind.Kindly advice