Sister threatened to case file to torture my parents

Sir, i am a 39 years married man and we have a girl child of 4.5 years. I have 2 older sisters and they are married and well settled. I am working in private sector. My parents are too old. No one is there to look after them. They were lived at my native place. My father always take decision what my sister told him. They don't try to understand how i maintain my family because i am low salaried person however we both try to make them happy as per my ability. Last month i took them to my house where i am working. To live with them, i rent a 2 bhk house. They always report to my sisters about all subjects even what they ate everyday. Not only this but also they blame to my daughter that she told them that we will beat my parents and out them from house. They always complain for everything. Last night there is a quarrel between us and my parents subject of my daughter. They report to my sisters immediately. I don't know what are discussion between their telephonic discussion, but my father told me to leave them to their native place and my sister threat me to case a file against us about torture to my parents. I don't know what to do? How can i manage if they case a file of torturing my parents? Pl. advice me.