to set a side a sale and possession certificate of auction purcha

good evening sir ... its my grand mother's property of 3 acre in since 1950 s obsolute owner she had four son and one daughter , in one of my uncle had made this property in surity bond with some 3rd party .. he failed to repay and 3rd party went to court in 1987 in o.s he expartee decreed the property .of the 3acre in 1989 and kept calm upto 1998 ten years.. untill the death of grand mother in 1998 august , and put for attachment in 1999 in e.p it is put for auction in 2001 but objection filed by other three brothers and court released the shares of three brothers in attachment , it is depending on title book but these shares are not according to equal shares .. in 2001 the land in the name of jdr was put for auction and sale was completed for 1acre -12 gunta sister filed a objection petition in 2001 and rejected in 2003 sale confirm . since 2003 its kept calm then in 2010 auction purchaser got sale certifcate and in 2013 possession certificate .sister filed a crp in high court 2013 dismiss and supreme court dismissed. law point to consider 1)in 1984 son is not original owner of the property so he cannot put for any bond or surity he had no right in life time of owner in muslim act and general property transfer act 2)one brother cannot put whole property in litigation 3) decree holder should inform or take permission to file a suit against property of original owner. though property exist in the name of jdr till date in revenue records whats the solution to take property from auction purchaser i.e equal shares for all brother and sister ..3) limitation to take possession and sale certificate by auction purchaser are limited to one year from date of sale confirm in article 134 so respected sir . give me suggestion to take property from auction purchaser by equal shares for sister and brothers