Abandonment due to non payment of dowry.

My sister's husband is living in US.he came to India to marry her,he initially said that he didnot want dowry at all then he married her and left my sister here in Jan last year as she was waiting for a dependant visa(she is working in india and he lived with her for 3 days)and by march his sister and mother started demanding for dowry one day and next day he messaged my sister that my sister cannot visit him in US if she didnot give what his family members asked for,he also unfriended my sister on Facebook saying that his colleagues in US don't know that he is married and he didnot want her to tag him as her husband.He started demanding divorce and was forcing her for mutual consent and my sister kept ignoring his offer,we called him to return but he didnot.then my sister asked to pay for the wedding expenses if he wanted divorce casually but now he s blaming us of being greedy.we asked him for compensation as we didnot want to be inflexible by filing dowry harassment case on him and his family.now he is threatening us with his brother in law and has also told my sister that he has a companion there and is very happy.how to make him to come back to India? Should we complain to police about him?