Arbitration Clause in builder buyers agrement

I have a flat and possession need to be offered in Feb 2014 but as per current situation possession cannot be offered in another 1 year or so. Apart from this builder created parking ramp in front of my apartment but as per layout in my builder agreement it should be park and water front. When I raised this issue then he sent me an sole arbitrator appointment notice and started arbitration unilaterally in last week of Jan 2016. I have already sent many emails and written letters that I am no interested as my issue is not arbitratral issue and you have started arbitration without my consent but builder and sole arbitrator ignored all those letters and didn't stop the proceedings. I haven't attend any proceedings yet and moved to State commission consumer court in Mar 2016 first week. Now builder give first reply to consumer court that arbitration already started and I don't have rights to move to court now and consumer court cannot interfere. I have not attended any arbitration hearing and always denied on emails and written letters. Please advice what should be my next action item. Thanks