Witness of white paper

Dear sir, On june 2013 i have married to Priya. Girl side they have given gold ornaments to her daughter about 25 poun. Now me and my wife only living in Bangalore. She is not allowing my mother to my home. But her mother is coming to my home monthly once for her health checkup. whenever her mother comes i had fight with her mother and saying do not enter to my home since your daughter is not allowing my mother. But all time they won in conversation. Her mother and father are living seperately. Initially when i get married I had taken 40k(forty thousand rupees) as credit from my mother in law for some closing some debts.Recently when i had fight with my mother in law, she had taken signature from me in a paper which written as follows 'I have taken 40k(forty thousands) from priya mom'. This is written in white paper(not a bond paper). My doubt is will they file anything against me in this regard? also i have told them will return the money(40k) by taking the two wheeler in loan with her name. Now going to apply for loan. when i asked them that paper they are saying we missed that paper, dont know where it is.... Another thing is My wife does not keep her belongings(25k jewels) in my home, her mother kept it in her account. I never asked about this to her. So i dont have any proof regarding this. My wife pregnant for 7 months. whenever i started to my native to see my mom she is not allowing me to go. My family people are not allowing her to get into my home(native). I am not living peaceful life. I am not like to live with her. Now she is pregnant that is the only concern me to stay with her :( what can i do in this situation??