False DV and dowry harassment case

Respected sir, My brother got married around 1 year and 2 months ago and after 2 months of marriage my SIL left our home as my Brother and mother refuced her demand of staying separatly (she did not want to live in joint family with my mom and elder brother's family). She has been staying in her mothers hone since last 1 year and quarreled with us many times over phone during this 1 year. When she left our hime she was pregnant and delivered a baby recently. As we did not agree her demands, now she is planning to file dowry harassment and DV case against us which are absolutely false allegations. Frankly speaking, We took care of her very well in those 2 months. Now.. 1.she has been staying away from us since last 1 year then how can she file DV agaist us as she did not stay with us in recent time ? She stayed with us only initial 2 months of time. 2. We have not taken a single penny as a dowry then how can she file dowry harassment case against us ? 3. In case if she files above cases agaisnt my mother, elder SIL then what are the aniticipatory things we need to take care if we want be safe as my mother has some health issues and my elder SIL has a 2 months baby. 4. Are there any laws which can be utilized to act agaisnt those FALSE allegations and false DV, DH cases ? 5. If she files thise cases, what action does local police takes against us (do they arrest us immediately after taking the case ) and what are the rights we have to respond the police authories. Kindly suggest, we belong to telangana statee. Thanks .