Lodging of FIR by a woman just to teach lesson

In my neighborhood a lady loged FIR against a man because of their fight over parking of car. The fight started over the parking of Car. Both the man and woman abused each other and fought like anything. The people in neighbour tried to stop them. But the woman loged an FIR u/s 354, 506 & 509 of IPC against the man. I am witness to all this and saw that how the woman misused the laws made for the protection of woman and not to teach lessons. I dont understand how Police without applying logical reasoning registered the FIR. There were people who witnessed the fight and the man did not touch or said something which outraged the modesty of that woman. She herself started the the abusive language first. Both of them were abusing each other. Then from where sexual harassment came into picture. I am not favoring any anyone, first time I saw a woman behaving in this manner. People have lost their moral values. Today the words like rape sexual assault molestation are used to teach lessons on petty issues. Police cannot deny to register FIR u/s 166 A when such cases comes to them.