Agri land dispute between my father & his younger brother

Hello, This is regarding land dispute between my father(Ram) and his brother(Som). For ease of writing without mentioning relationship every time let me write as per below details. Consider, Raja as my grandfather Rani as my grandma Ram as my father Som as my uncle(Dad's only brother) Rekha as my aunt (dad's only sister) As briefed above Raja & Rani has 3 children namely Ram, Som & Rekha. Both Raja & Rani are not educated & were doing small agricultural works for the living of their family (including 3 children). Their only properties are couple of cattles & a small house in which they dwell. Raja takes care of cattles while Rani does some miscellaneous agricultural works. At one stage Raja loses his vision in one eye & thereby making the elder child Ram (of 8 yrs old) also to take responsibility for running family. Ram who has just finished his 2nd std in school, stops pursuing his education. Now Ram assists his father in feeding cattles & doing some small agricultural works. Ram grew up to an 18 yr young man & get married to a girl. After marriage, Ram goes abroad in search of job & finally gets a job in some gulf country and starts earning money. Now Som who is at-least 10 years younger to Ram, finishes his 6th std starts assisting his father in feeding cattles & also does some small agricultural works in neighbor’s land and earns money. So now Som also stops going to school. Mean time Ram earns good amount of money and make a savings for future use. Now som also grows up to 18 yr old & he also goes abroad in search of job & stays there(All expenses for journey,Visa is borne by Ram). Som doesn’t like the job so comes to back to his native. And after some years once again Som leaves to Gulf and starts earning money. Now to tell about the parents Raja & Rani. Still they are not settled in their life & their property remains same (Cattles & Small house). In all these time Ram was very proper & he earned good deal of money. So now Ram buys an agricultural land of 5 acres out of his own earned money & gets registered in his name. Almost after 4 years of working in Gulf now Som also has earned some money. This time both Ram & Som together contributes to buy the land of another 2 acres. Now Ram has 5 acres of land registered in his name which he bought from his own money. Remaining 2 acres are common to Ram & Som. As per parents request, Ram shares his land with his brother & thereby making 50%-50% deal without receiving any extra money from Som as well as from his parents. Som legally registers his land in his own name. Since now partition is done each sibling maintains his own finance account. After 12 years of property settlement Raja passes away. Now Rani starts staying with Ram. Now Ram turns 60 & Som turns 50 yrs old respectively. Som who behaved as nice person at young age now starts acting rude to his brother & starts abusing him & in couple of time tried to assault Ram in small issues.Som also claims he has equally contributed for the land. Ram is heartbroken because of betrayal by his brother & also failure in financial life. In this circumstance can you please help Ram (My father) in any of the legal ways so that he gets relieved from his agonies. Is it possible to fight Som legally & get back the property. For your information Ram has bank details for the entire contribution he made on the purchase of land. Please help me by providing your valuable suggestions. Thanks & regards Raman