Police action in civil matters

WE HAD PURCHASED A LAND OF 528 sq mts IN 1993 AND IN RECENT LAND ACQUISITION OF NATIONAL HIGHWAYS(N.H-5) ANDHRA PRADESH 40 sq mts was acquired for N.H expansion to 6 lanes and it was ERRONEOUSLY reported as communal site in N.H notification and no compensation was paid. as usually revenue authorities tried to show their RED TAPISM towards our grievances. then we approached A.P HIGH COURT court disposed the petition sating that said land is not a communal site. and R.D.O by basing on judgement and TAHSILDAR report, ordered N.H AUTHORITIES TO PAY COMPENSATION and we got due compensation and the matter got resolved. The problem here is with adjoining site people( it is a communal site( technically government land) lying behind our site) they( a group of 60 to 80 people) still claim that it is their site and plucked away the boundary stones fixed by divisional inspector of survey. and dont allow us to construct a boundary wall to the site and always keeps attacking us when ever we reach the site for construction. when we took our greivances to the S.H.O of local police station they say that it is a civil dispute and if we approach revenue authorities they say that they have done whatever could be done from their side( tahsildar had also furnished to them in written saying that it is not a communal site) even then they are not listening some one please tell me how to get a police security to construct a boundary wall to that site.