My husbad is forcing me for mutual divorce

My is love marriage with the permission of both family. my mother in law and sister in law was against me. they never accept me. from first day the harassment started. in 2010 my husband went to dubai for job without my knowledge because i was at my mother house. when we come to know my family took me to my husband house but mother in law refuse as the house is own by her. than with the help of local politician they agree to keep me there. as my husband was in dubai the in laws were harassing me. filed 498a in 2011 and in 2012 DV filed. court had stated alimony of 17000. but husband did not pay on time, court force him to pay. only one lakh paid 4 lakh was remaining. i was very frustrated all court dates because from my husband side no one was attaining the case. but same time my husband was in contact with me and was just blaming me why you loged the false complaint he was not ready to understand the situation. in 2014 December my husband told me that we will give second chance to this relation with condition that i have to with draw the case against him and his family. as still i love my husband and i want this relation. i did everything as per him. last one year for this relation i did every possible thing on 15 jan 2016 i went to stay with my husband house as the relation got patch but after two day with no reason my mother in law started argument. later me and my argument started and my husband through me out of house. now he is telling me to file for mutual divorce. what should i do? i want my relationship, his lawyer is saying nothing can happen you have to divorce him. i cant force him for this relationship. please help me