Emotional Harresment

Hi, I am a 27 year old, now married for a year and working in Abu dhabi with my Husband. First few months I was at home, settling down and arranging things. I used to cook and clean daily and my husband was very happy with me. I then started working and tried balancing work and personal life. My salary is 9000 Dirhams out of which around 5 to 6 thousand dirhams I used to give my husband and 2000 AED to my Father for the me of the house land which I had bought three years before my wedding. I had discussed this with my mother in law and husband before my wedding and they agreed to it. During this year my husband had anger issues and he used to get annoyed at simple things and throw bottles on the wall, break the ceiling lamp and drag me from one bedroom to another. I always cared for his mom as my own and his sister as well. on our anniversary he told my father that he wants a divorce because I don't cook regularly and I nag him for small things like - don't have alcohol with friends(he's not a drunkard he says, but I nagged him as his cholesterol was high and I cared for his health), use things which he has bought etc, normal husband wife stuff. I cried a lot and mom dad pleaded so he agreed to get me along. When we came here he used to emotionally torture me for food and other activities. Once when I was sleeping he asked me to wake up and cook for me at 7pm saying You have had enough rest now get up and cook, on which I said don't treat me like a servant you can request and as you can see I am unwell. on one such occasion we were have a conversation that Its not a job descripton of a wife to cook, if i don't expect you to finance the house and do equal contribution towards the finances you can also cook and let me cook out of love not by force, he slapped me as he lost his cool and hit me. I told few of his friends wife here in Dubai and now his ego is so hurt. He just cancelled my visa and left for India without informing me to file a divorce. He then came back after three days and said u can stay here with me on your company visa but don't expect any sympathy from me. I have been cooking all three meals regularly now but he behaves very cold, he said he will not give me kid and I should suffer like this. Please advise what to do. His mom has not been speaking or messaging me since then. She looks very descent and matured and well educated and when my mom call her she said why does your daughter have to pay her father who is earning. these people are so money minded. But I love my husband so want to save my marriage, having said that I also want to teach my mom in law that they can't emotionally threaten me for a divorce or force me for my salary. its because of her that my husband has been behaving and thinking so cheap. Please advise