Adoption Deed for getting the passport done for my daughter

Dear Sirs, I have got legally separated from my husband 8 years ago through mutual consent. I got remarried this year. I have a daughter who is 10 years old from my first marriage. My husband wants to legally adopt my daughter and wants to add his surname to my daughter's surname. Could you pls help me with the below queries 1. Can i go ahead with the adoption deed as the natural mother and give my daughter to my husband for adoption. 2. Will the registered adoption deed be held as valid without my ex-husband's consent. 3. Can a passport be issued with the adoptive father's name mentioned in the passport on the basis of registered adoption deed. 4. Can the surname be changed in the birth certificate of my daughter . If yes, what is the procedure for changing the surname in birth certificate. 5. Does a registered adoption deed hold valid for issuing a passport to my daughter with the adoptive father's surname with only my consent mentioned in the registered adoption deed. Request you to pls share details on my above mentioned queries. Thanks