Need some insight about Section 498A and Section 41A

Brief insight about the situation: An FIR has been lodged against us by the girl under Section 498A, Section 406, Section 34 IPL, and Section 4 DPA. We approached District court for Anticipatory Bail, which got rejected on the mere ground that the boy's family had not provided the list of the items which are lying with the buy at the rented accomodation. We are willing to the return the items and have added the list of these items in our ancipatory bail application at High court. We are waiting for the date from High Court. Meanwhile, police needs the boy to appear in front of them to support them under investigation under Section 41A. We are ok to support police in this investigation as we know from the heart that we had not done anything wrong. We are in confusion that if we appear in front of the police they might arrest us on any fake ground as the police is aware that we have lodged an application for anticipatory bail at the High Court. If we do not appear in front of the police, then the police would have it written in the their report that the boy and his family are not supporting in investigation. We need advice how should we proceed in this scenario. Please trust us we had not committed any crime ever in our lives. All these are false allegations. We are feeling trapped between the girl, police and our judicial system which in support of Anti Dowry Act still requires amendments so that these false allegations could be controlled, if not stopped for ever. These false allegations bring a lot of mental, financial, and social disrespect on the accused and his family members.