Advice Requested

Well I am confused, scared and I need some guidance. My brother and bhabhi has some marital issues since day one. Being youngest in the family I always ignored it as it was none of my business. Bhabhi was aggressive but everybody thought that with the time things will change, and they did...they got worse. She doesn't make friends. Not even a single one in entire town. She creates mess on pity house hold issues, shouts, howl and threat us of dire consequences..... of course police and jail. This everyday distress in house taken toll on me. They got me married ASAP, Yes Arranged marriage. Again bad luck stroked and soon I came to know that he is an headstrong womanizer. By this time I was entirely broken and yes I was scared of HIV AIDS. After huge amount of efforts somehow I positively convinced all for mutual divorce. Now I was between the Devil and the Deep Sea. I decided to stay away from my own house- a domestic mess and concentrate on my education to make my career as now i had to earn bread and butter for my self. Meanwhile Bhabhi was successful in scaring brother away and he left India. He hardly comes home and talk to us as he is scared that she will put him in jail and spoil his future. she lives wherever she wants to be.... some time with my parents, sometimes with her home and rest god knows. Mom dad also scared because mom is school teacher and and such cases can snatch their source of income. It was like that for many years. Then my parents brought me home to stay with them. I know that my old parents need some support now but I am really scared of her. Earlier her extended family use to come to support her but in 7-8 year they are now kind of bored with fighting beside her. Today again she is fighting over Kitchen utensils with my parents and threatening them with police. She also imperiling about suicide but she is quite alive and healthy after several war so i doubt that bit now. Yeah Police never came because its kind of brutal verbal war. Its more like a slow poison. she nor want to live with family and neither wanna leave the house. She always ask us to leave from house. I am again planning to leave house by changing job. I am not a bad daughter but i am helpless. i don't want to take initiate because its my brother's fight not mine. But i want to keep me and my parents safe in case she does what she says?