maintenance for residence order is not enough

Sir, i got married 2 1/2years before. i have 1 year baby now. my husband is working in software field in Bangalore.... .before 7 months,He left out of our home due to the money problem and misunderstanding problem.He left me and my baby alone and he filed divorce case on me. i filed conjugal rights. presently i m not in any job. Myself n my baby is residing alone in rental house. For past 7 months, my husband didnot pay the house rent. Our House rent is 14,000. per month... My houseowner asked me the rent and scolded me to pay the rent myself..i dont have a job now, so i m in critical financial situation that couldnot pay the rent myself,,,,so, i applied the right of residence in court. now, i got the residential order that my husband should pay the rent maintenance as Rs.3000 per month.. this amount is not enough for our house rent.. now, my question is, house rent is 14,000 per month. if my husband pay 3000 for rent, should i pay the remaining amount?? should myself n my baby vacate the house immediately?? i dont have any other alternative accommodation for me and my baby.... please help me sir.... what i have to do next??