Recovery period

Respected all, My friend had a CC in the year 2002 with a credit line of 25,000, which he used it at the of emergency in 2004 there after he had beeing paying the emi to the bank. Being jobless for almost one year he did managed to pay the emi on time, at time it got difficult to pay the amount. There was no communication between my friend and the bank till 2014, now the bank demands amont of two lakh rupees which he cant afford neither one time or on emi my question is as follow 1) After ten years does the bank has right to recover the money, as i have read in one case that if there are no communication between the lender and browerer it stand invalid. 2) Is there any law to settle the amount and up to what perctange can it be settled. 3) Does the bank has any rights to sell off his relatives, family members or friends property. 4) What if he is ready to make a ontime settlement with a minimum amount how and from whom can he seek help. Looking forward your opinion which can help my friend. Regards