Marital problem

Hi, I am married fro more than 5 yrs. initially i was in Delhi and my husband was in Mumbai. my husband/in laws never visited me but i use to visit both of them in Mumbai. they gave reason that they dont have time but they did expect for me to come and visit them even though my in laws are retired and i am working. i got transferred to mumbai after 2.5 yrs of marriage. my husband stayed with me for 6 months and then left saying office is very far and i will come back once office shifts to a near place. he never returned permanently but he does visits me once or twice in a month. now he says he will never stay with me because he is not happy with me. on insisting, he gives me time that "i will shift to your (my) house in some days" but when that day comes, he again says because of my nature he will not come. this has happened 6 times in last 1.5 years. i asked help from my in laws and said i would like to come and stay with them as i am alone here, they simply said that they wont keep me. Please advice do i stand any legal chance here for my rights as i feel cheated that my husband and my inlaws have wasted 5 yrs of my life.