Mental harrassment from inlaws & husband

Hi, i have a child son of 1 year leaving with me at my parents house from since last 6 months due to harassment of my in laws & husband they makes lots of issue for every small little thing and they put lots of restriction on me such as not to go my parents house,not to wear salwar kameez and my husband also hits me a lot physically and tells me to do what ever his parents say whether it is wrong or right and if i don't do they tell me to leave their house and go to my parents house and now also they have kept me to my parents house and said that we will not take you in our house till your parents will not come and say sorry and this thing they have done many time till my parents say sorry they will not keep me and my son in their house and my mother in law want my husband to remarry thats why she is doing this all things and my husband also listen to his mom dad only they told him not to talk with me and not even to call me and not even meet me or my son so he dosen't calls or meets me or my so from last 1 month plz give me some advice what should i do what action should i take against him or should i give him