Divorced seeking from husband on the basis of wife is adultery.

My marriage was held on 22/01/2014 under Muslim Personal Law Board. After marriage, I have realize that my wife(17years) does not happy with me. She just live with me by enforcement of her family. I have discussed the problem with her family and my family too. I was not able judge that what going on in my wife's mind. I was confused. The things going for about four months after my marriage. In the month of may, she eloped with the boy of her locality. I came to know the same after two days as she was in the custody of her parents.The missing complaint filed by her mother stating that the boy with whom she eloped kidnapped her with worth of Rs 1,50,000/- and 50grams gold.By investigation, they were tracked in the Hyderabad and caught. By their statements they flew to Hyderabad. After caught by police, the boy produced notarized affidavit by my wife's before the police. In the affidavit, my wife declared that "the boy with whom she had eloped is her boyfriend. She forcefully married to me by her parents and she would not like to live with me at any more. She by her will wants to live with her boyfriend." In spite of this affidavit by force of her family she filed the case against her boyfriend alleging that he kidnapped her and rape her in Hyderabad. The boy produced the same notarized affidavit and also video recording of his and her telecast in the Hyderabad before the court. The boy appeal for the bail, by his produced evidence the court have fond that my wife's consent and her will is prominent. On behalf of this, court granted the bail to the boy. So, I am seeking advise for the defense of any lawsuit/claim make by my wife and by her family against me.