Criminal crpc 125 - Please help unjustice being done.

Hello sir.. If your marriage was never registered and we have already been divorced under our personal law. Can my wife claim maintenance us 125 Crpc ? Here is the full case. We got Married and got divorced in 5 months. Marriage was never consummated as she deny to give me any rights to have sex with her from the first to the last night.. Which was very cruel of her.She was also verbal and emotionally abusive towards me. There was no dowry , no nothing. There was no cruelty from my side. I work a job where i earn 70k per month. Right now i have another wife which i married after my first divorce, and i also have old parents to support and a little brother. My Ex-wife has a degree and she is educated. If she wants she can do a job. How can a women claim maintenance from her husband when she never let him have sex with her and was cruel to him.. and marriage only lasted 5 months ? And how can courts allow such a injustice ? What is the amount that i will need to pay her in my case. ? Aprox amount will also help and how long for just 5 months marriage which was never consummated in the first place ? we never went on honeymoon In our personal Muslim law there is no maintenance to wife who is cruel to husband and also there are no words which state wife will get 1/3 of the salary of husband till she remarry. However in Crcp us 125 also there are no such words which says she will get 1/3rd of my salary or she is supposed to maintain her post-divorce lifestyle. How much do i need to pay her ? cause i have another wife , parents , and my brother dependent on me. She on the other hand is young 23 years has a degree and can go to job anytime she wants to. Please note : My EX-wife has clearly stated in court that i was "NOT" cruel to her / there was any dowry (as that is true that there was no dowry and i was not cruel to her). So is no case of dowry or Dv on me however she only claims that i never had sex with her by my own will, which is false. However when she said that it was proved that marriage was never consummated. And no i am not impotent. I can prove that any day any time. My questions : Q. will there be any maintenance under such case? Q. can you give me a approx amount of Min - Max maintenance under such case ?