I am santosh from a small village,married a girl by family request.after marriage ,I came to know she married me for my assests nd money.she is not interested in marriage.I refused to have sex also.I didn't listened to her drama.we participated in sex.she has lack of interest.not a single angle she is not behaving like a girl.starts dominating me in her home only.she saying not interested to come to my home also.she asked me to stay separately in city.I dnt have no trust in her..so I didn'tincsince she has many friends..chats whole night and sleeps in the morning.I didn't like her behavior.all happend in a month.I wasnot. Employed,I went city for coaching to get job.she stayed at her home only.second month itself ,she started quarrelling for no reason.I stopped talking with her.my inlaws also helping her daughter to do so.now its 1 year ,we didnt talked Eachother .and familyembers also.she had my 8 lakh worth gold.I didnt took single rupee from her as dowry.now the problem is,they started publicity that they have given two crores as dowry.and I am impotent.so i am not interested to stay with her.how to solve this problem.I'm unemployed. And have single rupee with me.she making me to go to her forcefully.how to get divorce