Land acquisition under NH act 1956

Respected sir, in year 2011, .042 acre from my agricultural land, acquired for national highway under NH act 1956. I have already taken compensation in 2011 for .42 acr. In 2015 when I measured my remain land infound some more area acquired, I have complained to NHAI and Competent authority. And now Competent authority has give his report and told NHAI that .05 acre land has been extra acquired, and said to NHAI for directly buy land from me. Now sir Qs and doubt is- 1.) My case of extra aquired land without notification and award given, comes under new RFCTLAAR act 2013? 2.) As NHAI and Competent authority did not know that, they had been acquired extra land as compared to notification in 2011, until I complained them. Now NH act 1956 comes in new RFCTLAAR act 2013, so they will publish notification actor to new act? And as in my case no notification come for that land and award given, as they did not know they had acquired extra land. 3.) and if comes under new act, can I demand for extra compensation according to section 28 point 6, that they have made National highway on that extra .05 acr, and from last 6 year legally they did not acquired land, from last 6 year I can used my land in various activities and earn. Can I demand legally for compensation on current land rate.