Mutual Consent Divorce

Its been 4 years I am married but since last 2 yrs we had been fighting on petty issues and that has now turned out to be a matter of our seperation. We have planned to file a mutual Divorce and we have a few savings which are not on papers anywhere but he claims that he will share it equally with me but i m not too sure as he said that he will receive the amount after 6 months which might be the date of signing the divorce. We have no proofs of this savings as it was givien on interest. Other thing is he says that the gold I brought from Home during marriage will also be given after putting everything on paper...what abt the gold that we brought during the tenure of our marriage?? how will that be divided or in mutual divorce if I dont ask for same i will not get that...he says he will sell it but no discussion on my share out of it...also what about the assets that were purchased during marriage like TV Refrgtor , Bike ...will all this not be considered under Mutual Divorce?? When I discuss about all these he gets aggressive...rather Fridge, TV and Bike is still on my name...but he will keep it because i am not discussing about it...please guide i need help...I think i m making emotional decision please guide