Help needed on 498a,406,506,34

Dear All, I married on 18Jan2015 and after one week i came to abroad alone on 25Jan2015 to continue my job. My wife went to her family on last week of Jan2015 ans she came back to stay with my family on 1March2015. I initiated her visa and she joined me on 4Apr2015. During her stay with my family in India she did not behave well to them though my family loved her a lot like her own child. After she came to abroad and joined me on 04Apr2015, she started searching job which I was ok with that but she did not get any job as she was engineering graduate. She started blaming me that she is not getting job in abroad because I (husband) was telling the companies to not to hire her. This made me shocked and put me into frustration. She never used to speak to my family whenever they used to call us for just to know well we are in abroad. She used to say many abusive words about my mother and sister. She used to ask me to send money to her father to make a new house for them. I used to send but in small amount because i did not have that much send the whole amount at a time and i used to give her pocket money in cash as well which she also used to send her father without letting me know. I was shocked when I found one receipt of that transaction in my house in abroad. One day in abroad, she left house when I was in the office and texted me that she did not want to live with me. This incident made me depressed and scared. Then I thought of taking her back to my family on 25Apr2015. She did not agree on going to my family she said that she wanted to go to her family and stay for few weeks. We both traveled to Delhi airport and from there she went to her family place Assam and I went to my family place WB. I came back to abroad again after one week by informing her and her family and requested them to visit my family in WB but she never went. Her father said she will never go your family as she did not want to keep any term with them and she would take a job. After one month she joined a company in Mumbai and since then she started sending me threatening emails and texts that if i did not leave my job in abroad and join her in India and did not leave my family, then she would take legal actions against me. On Dec2015, she filed an FIR in Mumbai under section 498a, 406, 506, and 34 against me, my mother and my sister by accusing that we all have been harassing her all the time. I am in abroad. Please give me your suggestions on this to fight and save my family and myself.