problem due to my friend sister love

Dear sir/madam, my friend family is in problem due to his sister love, his family is very poor & he dont have a father also. my friends sister is working in a small company there she loved one guy, & the guy also loved her, its normal, my friends family did not agreed because the month before my friend mother already make match her relative only. after this my friend brings her into native. then the guy who loves her, he given a complant like, her family taken in to native by forcefull marriage. then the police called my friends family & told to bring in to the police station to ask the openion in front of her lover, then she told she is loveing that guy & he loving her. till this i understand but after this they send girl with that lover & send her family saying dont disturb that pair. Is it right what police done. if that guy do anything to that girl leaved her means what is sitution of his family & her. atleast they can make settlment to give the time or doing marriage as per law then its leagel. how they leave like that. know please suggest