Domestic violence

Hello sir first of all , thanks for your kind suggestion. this is rajesh and i am working as a branch manager for a nationalised bank. i have a sister. My mother is a govt teacher and it is she who looked after me and my sister (and ofcourse , my father too except for three years) since our birth as my father was a DRUNKARD. And the same is getting continued till now. Now my sister got job and moved away to chennai. I am working at Hyderabad. So, now and then, my father robs away something from house, leaves away from house till the money is exhausted and backs to home. says sorry for what had done.(innocent mother doesnt understand his true nature) but he again repeats the same, goes for domestic violence, if disagreed. As my mother didnt turn against him for the past these many years, he is accustomed to this kind of behavior. And my mother is not ready to file a case against him as she resides in a town and she thinks this case will make everybody think less about her. she even doesnt want to resign , come to hyd to live with me At this juncture, i dont understand what could be the solution for this problem. But she is ready for divorce, if it can happen without everybody's notice ( i mean people living in village) So , can you please guide us how can we get divorce. (and my father is reluctant to divorce as this questions his survival) and whether it is possible to apply for a divorce at hyderabad when she is living in a place near krishna district