Legal advice for check bounce & cheating

Hi, My name is Sampath from Bangalore. I took a 3BHK flat for lease. After 2years, I decided to vacate the flat with the notice of 2months as per lease agreement. But the Lessor (My Owner) was not able to settle the lease amount within the due notice period, i.e; 2months. After the completion of notice period, the owner made an additional agreement in written and owed me that, he will compensate the losses happened due to delayed payment. After 11months, While vacating the flat the owner settled the complete lease amount in a/c payee checks, Which I cleared and he gave me a post dated check of 3lakhs rupees towards compensation that has owed to me. Now the check has been bounced back as the owner stopped the check payment in Bank on 16th July, 2014. I sent demand notice to settle the check amount owed to me on 17th July, 2014. Now, the owner is not ready to make payment. I'm in economical crisis now. Not in such a situation to spend lot of money on this case. So, Please give me your valuable suggestions. How can I proceed further with legal action against my owner with optimal expenditures?