sir my name is Rakesh Bhatiya

sir, i have one question and that is, i married with minita parmar, on 9/9/2009. after married she continued her study and became lawyer. after that she took divorce (without my knowledge) she made my fake sign and make notory contract. (100 stamp paper). and than she came in my house next day. live more than 10 days. and than next month she run with her lover. and than when i met her senior advocate he informed me that she took divorce. and first time i knew about fake divorce. and this is so long so i can try to be short. and than she came with my contact and make relation with me. and so. she forced me to confess that sign was made by me. so i denied that i never tell lie. so he put charge upon me ipc section 420, 406 and 376, misconsecption of false promise of marriage. and also she was advocate so she got crpc 156(3). and than i got anticipatory bail from court. and i also ask court for send to FSL. for signature analysis. so and now i put divorce petition HMP 13(A). so and again she put against me and my relative domestic violece. and claim for 30 lack rs. so how i can fight with her. if sir you have any judgment regarding my case and also that the notory divorce is not valid in the eyes of law. thank for reading my short story of my beautiful life.