498a fir

Background: Married in march-2015, wife left in aug-2015 when i was dengue hospitalized, ran with all jewellery. Later She filed complaint against me & family (father, mother, elder brother). I filed divorce too. False 498a/406/34 has been filed against me & family, on 21-march, 2016 in Delhi. We have got pre-arrest bail notification from court, against written notification of 7 days. Case is before one lady SI of police station, who has already asked us to appear before her in investigation, which me & my parents attended, on 06-April-2016. But we have not received 7 day arrest notice yet. Now, today 09-April-2016 at 8:00 PM (night), my brother received a call from another SI of same police station, saying that we are harassing the wife, with threats, some objectionable content / photo , etc - rubbish. This another SI said, come & meet him alonwith me, next morning (Sunday), else he will throw us in jail & bail will be cancelled/denied. Presumably, this girl has approached police station, with another fresh complaint , whose content we do not know. Questions: 1. can police , under any circumstances, increase the IPC section against us , in same FIR, which is already filed. CAW recommended 498a/406/34 which police filed FIR under. Now girl is probably trying to get IPC sections increased especially against my brother under chhed-chhad/ molestation / etc. 2. If wife, filed fresh complaints of threat/harassment/abuse/etc, what action can police take , even if everything is false. Will it impact my permanent bail , especially, target is my brother. 3. Can police add , new complaints & add new sections against us (or my brother only), within same FIR, or new FIR can be filed against my brother only, when 498a is already pending within same police station. 4. Can another SI, call & threaten us & ask to visit him, when matter is already before another lady SI. Is it allowed ? Especially, can police call anyone at 8:00 PM for this. 5. Should we go & visit this new SI, or should we ignore this call. Else, if another call comes, we rather ask for written notification of appearance. Please suggest , what should be done in this situation. What action, can we take or should we take , so that police should not harass us more like this, or make sure that police validate authenticity of girls complaint, before phoning us again or asking us to appear. Any problems can come to permanent bail, if girl directly approaches court either during bail or independent to bail hearing & ask court to protect her, with false complaints. obviously, all hinges on money demand from girl, which i am refusing, so far, to settle at her level of quote. Yes, i have already hired a lawyer, but he seems to be advising us on money settlement , even though truth/evidences are with us. Should we agree to him. I wanted a advisory consultation from other legal experts. Kindly provide me suggestion. Regards