IPC : 420, 406 and 120B

My Uncle before 8 months was charged with IPC- 420,406,120B. After getting anticipatory bail cancelled from District court, he filed petition for anticipatory bail from High court and the bail was granted. My Uncle has 'in writing' to the investigation officer that he will sell his last property which he has at present and deposit the money to the court.. As time has passed, after 8 months High court has dismissed the bail stating that the petitioner has not deposited the amount in the trial court (However, no amount was decided and hearing has started yet as well as no charge sheet has been filed). My Uncle tried his level best to sell the flat but not getting suitable buyer .Moreover, people nearby came to know that my Uncle is convicted therefore it has created chaos and therefore no buyer. Court actually doesn't understand in legal terms. He is ready to give back money to court by selling house but since High court has dismissed his anticipatory bail . What will be next step?