False allegations against husband and in-laws

Husband and wife stay in different city and their in-laws lives in different state (both in-laws lives in the same town). wife think that her in-laws always criticise her and spreading false rumours about her (which is absolutely not true) from the past 3 years. a quarrel happened between her and her husband and then she decided to leave husband. So she called her parents to take her to her parent's house. But while leaving her matrimonial house she logged a false police complain against husband and her in-laws. She falsely accused husband beat her occationally and in-laws torture her (which is absolutely not true). Policeman said to the husband that she want divorce as she spoke about it with the policeman. Now as she is in her parent's house she is spreading rumours that husband beat her in-laws try to burn her that the reason why she left her matrimonial house. My question is why she is making her husband's life a living hell whereas only god knows what is the truth and what her intension is. Why she is doing all this? was she misguided by anyone as doing so will get her divorce quickly and claim maintenance from her husband? what shall her husband do in this situation as he knows her clear intension is to get divorce from her husband.