Old tenant not ready to vacate not paying the suitable rent

Hi Team, I have a property near commercial street a prime locality in Bangalore with a gift of 30yrs old tenants in it. The building is very old and a portion of it is already fallen. Since its a old building in a very bad condition for anyone to stay I have requested 5 tenants to vacate the premises, none of they are ready to vacate the place as it is in prime location and also refuse to pay the rent as per the market rate nor ready to vacate. When I ask them to vacate they ask 10 percent of the property value to vacate. Each one of them have their own electric meter, a good well water and pay a rent of Rs:[deleted] for the area b/w 300sqft to 400sqft. They want me to hike the rent for 2 years once and they will decide on how much they can afford to pay and I should take that. The hike has been b/w Rs: 20 to 100. they will not repair the premises and it is going worst, when I ask them they say if any of us die you will have to pay the compensation for our life and wanted me to repair the property too. They also say that legally I will not be any to do anything to them. I am not sure how to vacate these fellows who do not have the rent/lease agreement with them however I have some of the old rent agreements with me which my father has preserved. I have stopped collecting rent from them from past 4 months as they refused to give a hike of Rs: 500 more that they are given now. if I tell them I have to pay the property tax which is more than what you guys pay, they say its your investment on this property. if you maintain it you will get more profit later when you sale it so do it. To vacate these guys legally 1. How long will it take to vacate these guys if I am going legally 2. Can I lodge a case asking them to pay the high rent based on the market rate in that area and not asking them to vacate but the intention is the same. is there a change for them to vacate then. 3. any of your suggestion on how to approach this case.