Son refusing to vacate my property

Dear Sir, I have one son and one daughter.The son is from my previous marriage.After my first wifes death,i married again and have a daughter from my second marriage.At the time of death of my first wife,my son was six months old.Me and my present wife had very lovingly brought up both my son and daughter.After my son's marriage ,he and his wife started misbehaving with us.They literally cut-off all relations with us.My daughter is also married in another city.Now,me,my wife lives in ground floor and my son and his wife and 3 yrs daughter live on first floor.The house is in my wife's name.Since my son has cut-off all ties with us,i asked him to vacate our house and to go and live at some other place.But he has openly refused to do so.Also he is asking for his share in property forcibly.He is abusing me and my wife in public.Also he has threatened that if i dont give this house to him,his wife will go to police and will complaint against us that we are torturing his wife.Sir,my age is 56 and my wife is 50 and we are feeling very helpless.Sir,please suggest what action can i take against my son so that he leaves my home immediately.Also ,can i take some preventive action against any complaint lodged in me and my wifes name?Please answer sir,i will be very grateful.