land exchanged by the SDO of district. Is he empowered to do so.

Hello sir, I have a doubt regrading land ownership issue. We are planning to buy a plot of land in a gaya district of Bihar. When we enquired about the credibility of the land. We got to know the below results. The case is of exchange of lands between two parties. 1.The land which we want to buy does not belong(in origanility) to the person from whom we are buying. The owner of land registred a case in patna high court that his land has been taken over by another party and he has constructed a building over it. The another person who constructed asked the original person to take his land in place of, which is closely located to the original land. 1. While the case was still in the court, the SDO of the gaya district came at the site and did the measurement etc and he did an exchanged of land between the two parties. 2. My concern is that is the SDO empowered to do so. 3. If the SDO has the power to do the above how much ownership is there with the new exchanged land to the owner who is going to sell me. 4. Will I be the full owner(with the right to sell) of the land after I purchase this exchanged land. I will be very thankful if you can help me and provide a solution for this issue. Many Thanks Thanks&Regards, Utkarsh Bajpai