False rape case and then same day marriage in arya samaj mandir

There is a girl xyz, we know each other family when my father was posted in a small district in up in 1997-1999. I completed my 12th from there and then went to other city for higher studies and my father posted in other district. But I used to go that city some time(2or3 time) to attend my school friends marriage last visited 2005-2006. As our family know each other so I went to see uncle aunty and her sister as we know each other( at that time this girl was quite young). Then I start working in delhi and having no contact with her or her family. But in 2012 on words she got my number and start calling once or twice in a month and I didn't mind that. She told me that she is now leaving in Pune with her bus, her parents leave her and don't want to see her and bla bla... From February 2014 onwards she start calling me lot as I was working 24/7 environment so most of the time my phone was switched off but when I switch it on receive her call. I told her that I don't have any feeling for her and getting married very soon. One day she called and told that I am in delhi for interview and need help. I told her that I am leaving for my home for my marriage (she was aware of that I am getting married on this date) but u want to live in my flat then live couple of days along with my friend and I left. When I came back after 4-5 days I found that she came my place and give me excuses that I have couple of more interview , I don't want to live anymore as nobody is with me so I gave her some moral support but she start blackmailing me by saying I wish to die by jumping from here but u would be blamed for this and called my parents and told that I am here with your son so first my parents went to her parents house and show them my marriage pics and asked why she is doing this? They told that we are not in touch and can't help. Then my parents book a ticket to delhi and reached delhi. She was aware of this that my parents are coming next morning so she filed a complain( while I was in company evening duty) that I made physical relation with her by saying that I will marriage her and now denying. I was supposed to come at 11pm but next two days was my holidays so I stayed in my friends room and came early in the morning. As I was opening my doors my neighbors opens the door and told me that she filed for against u. As I done nothing wrong I called her and asked to come and pick me from my room. She came with police and they took me to police station there io told me that she was saying that I raped her, I told its false. I did nothing wrong. Meantime my father reached and visited police station but police man told that nothing is reported, my father a legal person immediately gave an application to SSP that police is saying that no body is arrested. In police station they were torturing me and told me to marry her. I told that I am already married but girl told something to police and io took me to station in charge he insulted and abused me, told me that you don't have any option marrey her else we will show you in live TV and then your parents and family have to commit suicide. You are trapped and if didnt do as we were saying trap your parents as well. I told them okay give me couple of day and I will do as you say but they again tortured me and I lost my mind completely and agree to sign where ever they want. They took me to nearest arya saj mandir and(2 policeman were with us) just did few formalities and she took an arya samaj marriage certificate at about 9pm and police leave as my home and gave my Mobil e back to me. I called my parents and when my parents counsel her then she realize her mistake and gave an affidavit that nothing was with us and I called 100 number on somebody's influence. Later she refused with affidavit as few men are with her and they are guiding her. Now she filled dowery case, domestic violence case in my home district and in rape case in delhi police found no evidence also she refused for medical but trapped me completely. However we register our marriage and its date is prior to one in arya samaj marriage. But she is now blackmailing us and demanding huge amount. Please guide us.