Tours and travel cheats

Dear Sir, At last, i request your kind legal advice solve my problem. When i was posted in Delhi, i received a call from Signature Siestas/Lajpat nagar/Delhi that i have been selected for the free holiday, to avail the same i must attend the presentation with my family. When i tried to turn away the call, they were started promising lot of benefits if i take the membership with them. I was finally become a victim. During the presentation they insisted us to buy the holiday plan to get the free holiday. i.e they will give us a 30year holiday membership for Fortchanwa luni (RCI). They also told that once you become a member you can rent this place & you will get 50000 to 60000/week. i was asked to pay Rs. 1.5lakh. i told that this not possible for a fellow like me. Then they impressed me upon the EMI option still get the membership benefits. Later they have not given any benefits same and asked me to complete my EMI to avail membership benefits. Initially i paid some Rs29000 later continued the EMI. When around Rs.70000 was balance i paid the full sum and asked for them to give the membership benefits. Since my situation does not permit me for trip Fort chanwa, i told them rent out and give me a credit as agreed earlier. Then they told that, it is your responsibility to find the guy who can go for holiday to Fort chanwa. I am disheartened with this people marketing techniques. Finally asked them to surrender my membership & refund my money which they refused to do. Till now i have paid them the following Rs. 133014 for member ship after discount Rs. 4500 for management fee. Total : Rs. 137514 one lakh thirty seven thousand five hundred and fourteen only. Though i tried to avoid these marketing gimmicks in the metros, i inadvertently had fallen to victim to this type of bogus companies. Kindly help me to get out of this situation. My sincere request you that, how i can reclaim this money surrendering all the membership with the help of legal means as this is a big amount for salaried people like me. And i need desperately in need of money to buy my own flat. I am attaching herewith the agreement & certificate they had given me for your reference. Anticipating your reply, Yours truly, (A.Baskar) 48/A, Chakkarapani East Street, Kumbakonam – 612001 Tamil nadu.