Revocation of settlement deed.

A land was purchased by my mother in year of 1974 when i am miner belonging from Jain family. When i was adult the records are not updated by the Govt. A building is made by me and my mother in 2000-2002. My mother was signed the diversion document without my consent showing me as minor in 2002. I got married in 2004 after that I had signed a family settlement agreement in 2005. After this settlement I had left my home for a long time with my wife. In this family settlement no signature was done my father, brother, sisters, and wife. My mother purchase a house in her name and give to us for resident purpose it is 100 KM far from our home location. In family settlement deed i had clearly stated that I am giving only land to my mother and i had written on it that she can do anything on land not on building. With the help of this family settlement deed she updated all the govt. records in her name, But no information is given to me. In 2013 sold the house on Rs. 65 Lakh. After the selling of that house they had also cheated and take all the gold that came in my marriage and lodge the FIR that it will looted in bus. Present valve of that Gold is Rs. 30 Lakh. Now I want to Cancellation Of Diversion, family settlement as well as sell deed of our old house that is our joint property. Can me or my wife file a case in family court ? Whether this family settlement will be cancelled with the help of court ? Please give me right suggestion.