Home dividing dispute Between me and my brother

Our home is currently owned by my "mother", while my dad and mom still alive and live with us(at ground floor ) in our joint family(having my brother family). current condition of our home: I (at ground floor) my brother (at first floor) A) at ground floor : b) at first floor 1 dinning room 1 dinning room 3 living room 3 living room 1 bathroom 3 bathroom 1 kitchen 1 kitchen 1 hall 1 hall from 3 living room at ground floor i gave 1 room to my brother and take 1 living room and 1 attached bathroom at first floor (because of bathroom issue ) because there is no possibilty of making a new bathroom at ground floor because of construction design. Now My brother wants to give the first floor on rent or wants to divide our whole home in 'Plus' format (either | or __ ) so that he sold the home . our problem: 1.we recently maintained and fully furnished our ground floor portion to live. (and thus wasted a lot of money) so we does't want to divide in that way. 2. i don't want any Tenants in my home in any way because that create so much uncomfortness. what i can want : 1. i want to stay in current situation and doesn't wanna make a further change in my home . now my question : 1. is there any "legal" way to overcome this situation ??