I have been cheated by a seller from Delhi via Online Purchase

hi all, i have been cheated by a delhi based seller - nagpal brothers from Delhi. 1.Purchased a New Samsung LED TV-46" online(www.ebay.in) on 9th July 2013 2.Got the TV delivered with sealed pack 2 weeks later 3.TV worked fine till August 2nd week after which there were issues with the TV... tv switching off every 5 mins. 4.Reported the problem to the Samsung Service center and the technician from the Samsung service center said that its an imported TV set and doesn't cover the warranty 5.Called up the Seller on the phone number mentioned the same and he said its under dealers/sellers warranty so they advised me to send the TV to them at my courier charges and they will repair and send the same at their cost 6.I sent the TV with all the accessories(Table mount Stand, 3D glasses, Remote & Warranty Card) 7.After receiving they said there was no problem with the TV 8.I asked them to send the TV to Samsung center for clearance, just to be sure 9.After 2-3 weeks of ignorance they attended my call and said the TV has been sent and after a week they said the TV is back with the clearance letter 10.I asked them to send the TV with the clearance letter, they replied saying its not possible since the couriers are not handling any electrical/home appliances transportation anymore. 11.After 3 weeks of calls and ignores i had to arrange for the couriers on special request 12.On the day of packaging my friend their, who went on my call, saw that the TV is changed for which they replied its a new TV 13.I accepted and noted down the Sl/No and other TV details that was checked 14.After a big fight they forcibly asked my friend to sign on a paper that they will not be responsible after the TV is sent out of shop. 15.I received a faulty TV with different sl/no and other TV details without any accessories or warranty card and even power cord to check. 16.This piece is a third model apart from the one I sent back and the one shown to my friend saying its a new tv. 16.Need your help in getting my money back please. I have been cheated and harassed big time. I would be really happy if this Money leecher is taught a nice lesson. P.S : I am not the only customer to be cheated by him, since this was an online buy so could not know who the seller was and went on the Ratings provided by other trusted members. www.consumercourtforum.in/india/ebay-nagpal-brothers/