MCD and Settlement Amount,Accessories stored at bar association

I have filed a MCD with my wife with all sufficient clause like settlement amount,accessories, criminal cases,etc..But she and her parents have no trust on anything about settlement amount and accessories and I have also no trust on she and her family member about 498a complain case in which we have on anticipatory bail,becoz it is possible if MCD orders first then she will harras me and my family.And before 498a my mother has also filed a police case referred by mahila aayog in which chargesheet submited and all accused has taken bail. So we decided to submit all accessories including ornaments and Demand Draft from my side and a Gold chain with locket from her side to Advocates Bar Association Secretary, President and some member including my and her lawyer with a written condition signed by her maternal uncle,brother,me,my father and Sec,Pres&lawyer. And decided that when we both withdraw/close including before and after evidence all criminal cases and she and me give final witness in MCD,all accessories,ornaments and DD will be stored at bar association. Acctually my father is an Advocate in same court,So my question or tansion is that 1.It is correct process or not? 2.In written conditional statement each and every thing has written except Deadline date/Time Limit of stored thing,So,If she will lingering the process of court after submitting all accessories and DD then everything will be blocked there?Deadline date needed or not? 3.If Bar association do anything wrong against me then what can I do? 4.If all process have done successfuly and she accepts in MCD final witness about settlement amount and every thing then this given settlement Amount and accessories have legal value or not?