blackmailing n harrassment by a boy

i belong 2 sikh family.m 26 yr old. i had an unsuccessful short term relatnshp wid a boy(6 mnths younger than me) 6-7 yrs back. it all ended bcz of him only. as i started realising tht hes just into physicl thng. n he ignored me smtymz. strtd talking lyk i m spiritual nw. wen he dint contct me fr few mnths. i came out of that jerk's thought. n moved on in my life. initially it ws difficult. bt today i m vry happy in my life. bt he probed my decisn xtrmly right. syddnly aftr fw mnths of ending relatn. he came back. n tried contcting me. i avoided evrywhere. bt hes now blackmailing abusing torturing me since 4 years. Socially on facebuk. by abusive msgs regularly. and he has visited my house too to threaten me mentally. so tht i start fearing him and accept him again. he warns me blackmails me. i m mentally tortured. he sucha jerk tht he threatens me wid msgs lyk hes suiciding. etc etc. he says he wont spare me at any any cost. he blackmails me on d name of family. as he knws my address. n visit anytym. he has cm ivr my place 3-4 tymz. drop abusive blackmailing letters at home.