Termination of employee reg

Hi sir This is gokul from tamilnadu. I just used to work in a start up company. I did maximum no of products. In starting they said they will increase my salary when they get satisfied with my work, i did my level best and made them satisfied. But without increment i worked for 4 months. But now when i asked increment they are saying we cannot able to offer you for 3 months. They got a new machine for a company. That machine was recommended by them only. But due to some issues the mailed me "you are terminated from the company and asking compensation for the company loss actually there is no loss in the company. The only thing they spend was for the machine. the company has terminated 3 labors without any reason. Next is mine So i just need to know the laws of Indian or tamilnadu government 1)On termination whether company should provide salary? If yes within how many days they should? 2) Whether the employee should pay compensation for the company for company purchased things? 3) They are saying i shouldn't follow the company ethics. Actually i have no idea what their ethics was, They didn't specified any where. as per law they want to specify that? and make the employee to know that? 4) The provide salary less than minimum wages of law. Whether all the companies should follow that minimum wages act? 5) Without registration shall a company can run its business? If yes whats the maximum period they can run? Without getting TIN number shall they sell the products? NOTE: They are blackmailing us they will take action legally on us. But we dont have any mistake on us.